The Alliance Between Book Bloggers and Librarians

The number 288,355 represents the exact number of new books and book editions that were published in the United States in 2011. Even if you took every library in a public library system, you would still be unable to find enough people to read every single book that is published. This makes it difficult for librarians to decide what books should or shouldn’t be added to a public library’s book collection, as they are unable to get a personal opinion on the books. Luckily, an alliance between book bloggers and librarians can solve that problem.

Book bloggers are book enthusiasts that take time out of their day to write detailed reviews about the books they read. Librarians can form relationships with these virtual book reviewers. The relationship can help them determine what books should be considered for a library’s book collection.

The following is a look at how librarians can benefit from forming an alliance or sorts with a variety of book reviewers.










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Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest Books

Publishers are quick to offer top book reviewers the chance to preview books before they hit the market. Librarians are able to use the reviews provided by book reviewers to determine what books are popular, and what books should be considered for addition to a library’s collection.

Author Interviews

Many book lovers like to get a better understanding of their favorite authors, but are unable to because the author doesn’t stop for a book tour in their city. Book bloggers are often given the chance to interview their favorite authors, and post those interviews for the world to see. Librarians can use these interviews to offer library patrons a chance to get to know their favorite authors.









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Provide an Inside Look at the Public’s Reaction to Books

Libraries often leave the decisions regarding which books to order for a library’s collection to a single person. This can be difficult as that single person is unable to determine exactly what the public will or won’t like about a book. Forming an alliance with popular book bloggers gives librarians a chance to see the public’s reaction to certain books.

Book bloggers often leave their blogs or forums open to public comments. Librarians can read those comments and use the reactions to reviews to judge whether a book is a good fit for their particular library system or not.

Libraries that have formed a relationship with book reviewers and bloggers are able to get the inside scoop on the latest books, offer insight into favorite authors, and even judge how the public might react to a specific book or series. This information can help libraries by generating interest in new books and authors, or helping librarians make a decision if a book should be added to the public library’s collection.

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